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Visions of future land use in Europe - Stakeholder visions for 2040
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A new VOLANTE brochure is now available on our website. This brochure outlines three visions of future land use in Europe for 2040 developed in the VOLANTE project. The visions are based on the ideal future envisaged by sixty-nine stakeholders, all professionals representing the main land use sectors. They were developed in four highly interactive facilitated workshops. The workshops focused on nature conservation and recreation; food, bio-energy and timber production; settlements and transport infrastructure; and energy and water. The ultimate purpose of the visions is to provide a range of plausible and coherent descriptions of positive futures, helping to narrow down the vast spectrum of possible decisions to a smaller range of relevant and sustainable land management options. These options are considered the robust pathways for multifunctional and sustainable land use, and will be outlined in the VOLANTE Roadmap of future land resource management in Europe.

Visions of future land use in Europe - Stakeholder visions for 2040

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