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www.life2040.eu campaign
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It is impossible to successfully plan for the future without a clear goal in mind. For this reason normative scenarios, or visions of a desired future have an important role to play in supporting land use policy in Europe. In VOLANTE we designed a facilitated process involving 69 land use experts from different land use sectors across Europe to develop three alternative visions European land use in 2040. These visions form the end-points for an extensive back-casting study involving state-of-the-art computer modeling and extensive empirical research. This exercise allows us to explore alternative pathways that can take us to these visions, identifying what policy and societal change is needed to reach these visions. We are currently finalising this pathways analysis and preparing a roadmap that will provide a policy relevant synthesis of the VOLANTE project.


To supplement this research, and complement the expert visions, we feel it is also important to see how European citizens see their future lives. How do they wish live in 2040?  How does this differ from the three expert visions? And what implications does this have for future land use and land management? Do people want more of the same or are there desired changes? Are there difference in wishes across Europe, or between demographic groups? Do people from rural areas have different visions than urbanites? These are some of the questions we hope to answer though our online survey.


The www.life2040.eu survey forms a spin-off from main research project, which we hope will add saliency and relevance to the VOLANTE roadmap, which will be published in Spring 2015. We aim to reach 3000 responses from across Europe by Christmas. We encourage anyone to participate, but are especially keen to get responses from young Europeans.


Please take part in our 10 minute survey on www.life2040.eu and share it with your friends and (social) network!



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How do you want to live in 2040? That’s the subject of a European survey aiming to help our policy makers make the right future planning choices. To plan for the right future, your future vision is very important. How do you want to live your life in 25 years? Where will you live? What will you eat? How will you travel and spend your holidays? Your answers will support a major research project inform decision makers about choices they need to make now to plan what our land will look like. Please take part in our 10 minute survey on www.life2040.eu and share it with your (social) network of friends and colleagues! If you want to know more about the research project and the contribution of the survey, check VOLANTE.


Suggested tweet: How do you want to live in 2040? Create your #life2040 vision in 10mins on life2040.eu !


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